Supplements / bioatractors

Support all biological processes as indispensable factors determined by the date of birth.

The term "bioatractor" arose from the need for a more precise classification of therapeutic products and to distinguish them from the standard understanding of supplements, the main purpose of which is to provide the body with nutrients missing in the diet. These are also drugs that usually consist of synthetic substances and their consumption may cause side effects. The property of bioatractors is to restore homeostasis, which is the basic regulatory mechanism of the body enabling the maintenance of optimal living conditions.
The progress of modern science and technology has allowed us to study nature in more detail. In the past, people prepared decoctions, oils and extracts from plants because they believed they had healing properties. We are now able to study plants in more detail and identify the specific molecules that give them their unique properties. These molecules were once the hidden secrets behind the special properties of plants. Currently, they are available in concentrated forms as bioatractors. These are active molecules with a very high level of bioavailability.
Bioatractors are complexes of molecules produced in processes including: extraction, crystallization and recrystallization; which have synergistic properties that enhance the effects of maintaining homeostasis, absorption, bioavailability and transformation into an active form.