Dietary supplements

Support all biological processes as indispensable factors determined by the date of birth.

The world of people is separated from the world of inanimate matter by the intermediate world of plants. They represent a bridge between those forms, creating organic, easily digestible minerals necessary for the proper functioning of the human being.

Organic minerals are an excellent building block of our structure, they have a positive effect on the hormonal balance, enzyme production, electrolytic conductivity and vitality.

Magavena supplements support metabolic processes and restore the body’s internal balance. They boost natural resistance and vitality, creating a new quality of life.

Minerals calculator

Minerals are a part of every human body as essential inorganic building blocks. They control countless biochemical processes, for example the reconstruction of cellular structures and mediate information processes.

The lack of the right minerals in the body disrupts the proper functioning of all bodily processes and prevents self-healing.

Minerals are health regulators that are essential for humans. Depending on the date of birth, humans are deficient in certain minerals. Using the calculator, we can find and adjust the ones that we are missing.