Biophotonic food - Tomato extract with high biophotonic potential The use of biophotonic food positively affects the health and balance of the body, has a positive effect on its efficiency and self-repair processes.

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Ingredients: Tomato extract with high biophotonic potential (Solanum lycopersicum L.)

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Understanding the essence of biophotonics

Understanding the essence of biophotonics

Understanding the essence of biophotonics is the only direction in the search for a way to self-healing through nutrition.
Biophotonics is the study of the interaction of light with various biological materials, it helps us understand the nutrition and life processes of living organisms, and biophotonic nutrition is concerned with the ability to absorb and store bioluminescent information in cells emitted by the sun through the skin and through the food we eat.
Light is the final biologically essential component of nutrition, without this factor there is no possibility of life, so any deficiency will be associated with the loss of health or weakness of the human body, with the loss of the ability to defend against harmful environmental factors and the loss of the self-regenerative capacity of our body.


Biophotonics has been known to the scientific community for over a century

The phenomenon of luminescence

For decades, researchers, scientists and doctors have been studying the phenomenon of luminescence and its relationship with food and the patient's health. In many scientific reports, you can also find comparisons of biophoton readings of people while using their very diverse diets.

Biophotonic radiation

The average reading of a person eating foods with high biophotonic potential was over 83,000 units, while a person eating a highly processed diet had a reading of only about 1,000 units of biophotonic radiation.


Here we only cite an example related to nutrition itself, and it is worth adding that studies are still being conducted in people with various disease entities where this phenomenon is reproducible and comparable.

A significant factor

Light is an important factor that organizes the energy processes taking place in the centrosomes.

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Biophoton potential

It has been proven many times that the increased potential of biophotons in food has the power to organize and regulate cells in such a way that they can elevate the body to work better, regenerate or regain mental well-being.

It has also been proven that eating processed food reduces the body's ability to regenerate itself, which results in chronic inflammation and a decrease in the quality of life for many people.

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Beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system

The active ingredients of the preparation have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.

The MagaPelo preparation is characterized by a high potential of bioluminescence, it is the fruit of many years of work and experience of a team of scientists who took care of every detail of the tomato growth process, from seed selection, control of the entire growth process and the process of preserving bioluminescent properties in the form of high biophotonic content thanks to the use of unique technologies compatible with nature and good for man.

Repeatedly conducted vegetative tests indicate a significantly positive effect on the human cardiovascular system and a beneficial effect when supporting anti-cancer treatments by supporting energy and self-regeneration processes that are crucial during such treatments.

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Frequently asked questions

We recommend using MagaPelo 3 times a day, one capsule, half an hour before eating, with water.
In more difficult cases or more advanced debility, we recommend taking one capsule in the morning, two capsules in the afternoon and one capsule in the evening until the end of the package.

Light is an important factor that organizes the energy processes taking place in the centrosomes.

Light is an important factor that organizes the energy processes taking place in the centrosomes.

The light energy from the sun is stored in the DNA during photosynthesis and continuously passed through the cell. The cells of living organisms emit low-level light waves, or luminescence - light with a wavelength of 200 to 800 nanometers.

The higher the gradient of light energy emitted by the cell, the greater the lifetime and transfer potential of this energy when ingested.

Biophotonic food finds its application in every case of reducing one's own natural energy resources and reduced natural self-regenerative capacity in order to increase energy and self-regenerative capacity.

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