Creation of Magavena

The establishment of Magavena was inspired by the character of Giuseppe Joseph CalligarisItalian physician and explorer who lived at the beginning of the 20th century.

The author of the exceptional book “New Wonders of the Human Body” led to the birth of Magavena through surprising coincidences.

Owing to the tips drawn from the works of Calligaris, and combined with the knowledge and experience of our founders, we established a brand that guarantees superior quality and effectiveness of natural products.

Personal story

Magavena stems from a genuine passion of two extraordinary people who were brought together by perseverance, knowledge and experience, as well as unexpected events. The creators of Magavena are two men. One is a relentless explorer, tester and researcher of reality, while the other is passionate about philosophy, andspecializes in Vedic astrology and astrological medicine. Their paths crossed so that together they could discover a new world - Magavena.

Creating Magavena was a milestone, which launched the process of discovering the truth that man is an inseparable element of nature, and that his body and spirit should be understood holistically.

Recognizing the miraculous ability of self-healing and the therapeutic power of nature, the almost unlimited potential of the dependencies written in the stars marked the beginning of physical and spiritual healing.

Knowledge and effectiveness

Magavena is the result of the merger of various fields of science, passions and experience of ancient sciences, in particular astrology, which Hippocrates called “the queen of sciences”. Born two and a half thousand years ago, this precursor of medicine believed that nature itself was the primary healing force.
We owe him not just the fundamentals of rational medicine (medicine that he clearly separated from beliefs, religion and witchcraft), but also the principle of very meticulous patient diagnostics - including such based on astrology. Hippocrates believed that “a doctor who is not familiar with astrology knowledge deserves to be called a clown rather than a doctor” and established the main principle of medicine “primum non nocere” – first, do no harm.
Our mission

Our mission

Magavena aims to comprehensively support the body’s natural processes, using traditional and innovative methods. The brand’s products combine an approach to processes of the body’s functioning, that is unique on a world scale.

Striving at meeting your expectations, we draw from the expertise of ancient astrologers who study the influence of planets on human life and health. We build on knowledge based on centuries of tradition, as well as real effects and reliable methodology. Basing our philosophy on the analysis of processes taking place in the human body and in the Universe, we bring forward integrated solutions, whose effect can be verified by yourselves.

Experience and observation

As the aftermath of five years of experience and observation, we have created a range of products that we subject to your evaluation. Magavena is all about natural, 100% biological, organic products, with a quality measured by effectiveness.

Join us. Let’s create Magavena together!

Number 8

According to Chinese philosophy, eight is the happiest number.  It symbolizes “endless wealth”, material forces, and the consistent pursuit of goals. The number eight is the most powerful vibration that gives you energy, militancy, ambition, ability and self-confidence. It points to the reward that awaits after putting in effort.
Use this opportunity.