Sir Vinca

Wound spray with xanthohumol, curcuminoids and colloidal particles of gold and silver.

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Capacity: 30 ml

Prevents infections

Prevents infections

Thanks to the innovative technology of arranging complexes of gold and silver particles, Sir VINCA creates a protective coating that, like a plaster, creates a regular layer protecting the wound or cut on the skin surface - at the same time stimulating the tissue to properly heal the wound.
It prevents infections thanks to active molecules such as xanthohumol and curcuminoids, which have a number of antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties.
Thanks to the use of water-soluble technology, the preparation has very good absorption through membranes and skin, which supports regeneration and shortens the healing time.


Accelerates skin regeneration

Sir VINCA accelerates the regeneration of skin and wounds thanks to the high content of xanthohumol and curcuminoids. These ingredients have a synergistic effect on the reconstruction of the glycocalyx, and have anti-inflammatory and homeostatic effects on the skin healing processes.

Safe to use

It contains only natural ingredients and colloidal particles of gold and silver, which have the ability to protect the wound against microorganisms and various pathogens, such as viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Contains glycol

Glycol acts as a preservative, it is a naturally occurring substance in the human body.

Rapid scar formation

Specially selected ingredients have a significant impact on the acceleration of fibrinolysis and blood coagulation, removal of inflammation, cell migration and proliferation, as well as protein synthesis and cell shrinkage.


During the research, increased stimulation of signals for immune cells to accumulate in the damaged place was noticed.

Sir VINCA for hard-to-heal wounds

Macrophages cleanse the wound of pathogenic microorganisms and dead cells, preventing the development and multiplication of bacteria.
Sir VINCA is the first preparation in the world that meets the comprehensive needs of tissue regeneration of difficult-to-heal wounds. It is not a medicine but a stimulator of self-repair processes at the site of tissue damage.
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Frequently asked questions

Hop extract (Humulus Lupulus L.), turmeric extract (Curcuma L.), preservative (glycerol), water, colloidal gold particles, colloidal silver particles.

Spray the cut areas on the skin and let it dry. Use multiple times a day.

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