"He who is fixed to a star does not change his mind."

- Leonardo da Vinci

Nature has worked for millions of years on solutions to keep alive and reproduce all species of plants and animals. Nature cannot be fought against but must be understood.
Any fight with an opponent that has millions of years of experience in survival must end in failure.
But when you take a good look at the rules of Nature, when you understand its simple but barely perceptible by the human eye mechanisms, then you will understand the miracle of existence, the interdependence of cooperation and the language of communication of all living organisms on our planet.
Any understanding and respect for these laws results in joy over the phenomenon of life.
True scientific discoveries come from observing Nature and being passionate about explaining them, not from making theories and forcefully confirming them.
Let's look at Nature because she has found ways to solve any problems long time ago - we can only discover them.

What is Magavena?

Magavena is the discovery of phenomena long used by Nature, it is the understanding of how they work and, above all, implementing them to help modern man regain health, beauty and vitality. 
If you want to build a better world with Us - become a Magician with creative inspiration - become the future.
Magicians with the survival gene.

ATMALIFE supplements

The minerals and natural plant extracts contained in our supplements are dedicated to particular recipients, depending on their date of birth. The time of birth is of the utmost importance for the functioning of the human body. Researchers have observed deficiencies of individual minerals in individuals, and linked them to the astrological cycle. 

Missing minerals

For instance, being born in August, after a 9-month pregnancy, in the period assigned to the sign of Leo, the first missing mineral is Magnesium Phosphate - responsible for the course of nervous processes, supporting the functioning of the brain and the work of the heart. Magnesium Phosphate paired with minerals dedicated to the following two astrological months completes the entire 12-month astrological cycle.

Minerals contained in ATMALIFE supplements complement deficiencies and support the functioning of the body in areas dedicated to individual zodiac signs. Work on creating ATMALIFE supplements went on throughout five years. They are the result of interdisciplinary research based on science and astrological knowledge, and their effectiveness has been confirmed by certification.

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Minerals calculator

If you want to find out which minerals you need, use our Calculator. Based on your date of birth and duration of pregnancy, it will match you with the perfect set of supplements. The calculator of missing minerals takes into account shifts in the calculation of zodiac signs of Vedic and Western Astrology. Calculate missing minerals.

Calculate missing minerals
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