Magavena System

Magavena represents a system of recommendations that allows you to verify the quality and effectiveness of the products offered. It is based on affiliate networks that verify and test products.

Key information

How to join the system?

To become a Magavena partner use a unique QR code or reference link and register at How to receive the code? You will receive it from an active Partner. Use it to register and shop at

Get an invitation to the system

To join the system, you must have a reference link or QR code.

Recommend the system and test products

Use innovative Magavena products.

Receive commissions

Receive commissionsthe purchases of yourself and your friends

Check how the system works

Affiliate network

Affiliate network

If you are already a Magavena Partner, access your account to find an individual reference link and a QR code that you can pass to any number of people. After registering and obtaining the Partner status, they will establish your own affiliate network and will be able to make purchases in the Magavena store. Their activity will translate into your benefits.

The number of partners in the affiliate network is unlimited and your income grows with its development. At Magavena, we propose several activity statuses based on the number 8. Your remuneration depends on the number of purchases made in the store by your Partners, as well as by their Partners.

Discount scheme

At Magavena, regardless of creating an affiliate network, you have access to attractive discounts on all our products. Like the affiliate network, the discounts are based on the number 8.

Discounts are awarded for an indefinite period, after each purchase value threshold is exceeded. You will be entitled to a discount on all our products once you become our Partner.

Value of completed orders Level of discount
88 € 8%
888 € 17%
8.888 € 26%
88.888 € 35%
888.888 € 44%

Magavena is a simple system

with unlimited possibilities!