MagaPlanta - Slowmetic of Plantain

We offer you a unique slowmetic from the MagaPlanta care series, the secret of which is only three natural ingredients: beeswax, olive oil and plantain extract obtained by the process of maceration of this herb for many months.

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Slowmetic Maga skincare series

Slowmetic Maga skincare series


We are proud to present to you a unique slowmaking cream, the secret of which is based on three natural ingredients: beeswax, olive oil and plantain extract obtained by macerating this herb for several months.
The holistic composition of the cream will provide your skin with the original components that give it what it needs to become naturally beautiful and healthy.

The unique naturalness of Maga products

MagaPlanta is the essence of nature, it contains no chemicals, synthetics, preservatives or fragrances, and its uniqueness lies in the moderation and balance of ingredients that nature gives us.


We have also ensured that the packaging of the product is versatile and that its natural herbal fragrance, color and texture have been preserved, making MagaPlanta's slowmachetic great for skincare for the whole family, regardless of gender or age.

Our unique recipe is the wisdom of nature, simplicity and the highest quality

So let's take a closer look at the individual ingredients in MagaPlanta:
These formulas are all based on two primary ingredients, beeswax and premium olive oil.
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Bee wax

The beeswax in Maga slowmetics makes the skin oily, supple and nourished, it also shows a natural preservative effect thanks to its bacteriostatic and antifungal properties, but its most valuable property is that it moisturizes and reduces the rate of water loss from the epidermis.

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Olive oil

The second base ingredient in the herbal maceration process for the production of the Maga skincare range is olive oil.
The oil, extracted from the fruit of the olive tree, contains phenolic compounds and vitamin E, which are natural antioxidants that have an anti-aging effect on the skin, tocopherol, which prevents skin damage caused by free radicals from UV radiation, and squalene, which is responsible for the proper functioning of the skin. 
Olive oil increases skin elasticity, softens the epidermis and lubricates the skin. It also helps to regulate the lipid mantle of the skin, protects against harmful UV rays and excessive water loss, regulates the secretion of skin sebum and ensures the proper keratinization process.


MagaPlanta is a slowmetic based on plantain, which in synergy with other ingredients shows antioxidant, antiseptic, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, nourishing, strong skin regeneration, accelerating wound healing and soothing of sunburns.

Directions for use

Warm up a small amount of Maga in the palms of your hands and massage it onto clean, damp skin on the face and body immediately after bathing to ensure better absorption and hydration.

Slowmetic Maga is a high quality natural macerate based on wild herbs collected in biologically pure nature reserves.

Expiration date

Beeswax has a natural preservative effect which greatly extends the shelf life of the Maga product, however, it is recommended to use the product 24 months from the date of manufacture. 


Cera Apium, Oleum Olivae, Plantago Lanceolata.


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